Audio Work


My audio production work is showcased here. Just click the italicized titles and you can hear my pieces on either Vimeo or SoundCloud.


Listen on SoundCloud.

Audio Production II; Project 3: Write, record, mix, and produce a 60 second audio commercial using music, narration, and sound effects.


Listen to on SoundCloud.

Audio Production I; Project 4: Produce a two minute and 30 second audio commercial for WASU Radio. Appalachian Comment must include interviews, narration, EQing, sound effects, and music while showcasing a program at ASU.


                  Watch on Vimeo

Audio Production II; Project 2: Record, use sfx library, EQ, mix, and produce a sound effects track for this muted video. Use sfx, narration, and music to change the mood of the existing video.


Listen to on SoundCloud.

Audio Production II; Project 1: Produce a 10 minute audio documentary. Conduct interviews, write, record, EQ, mix, lay music and sound effects under all voices.


While interning at Larson Studios I shadowed mixers and editors in sessions mixing Orange Is the New Black, New Girl, Hell On Wheels, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, White Collar, NCISLA, and Celebrity Apprentice. I also walked foley for Orange Is the New Black, Hell On Wheels, and White Collar and worked extensively in the transfer department.


28304 Hell-on-Wheels-hell-on-wheels-26369704-1600-1200



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